• Bianca Maree

Fruity Acai Bowl

Updated: Aug 4, 2019


1 x cup frozen mixed berries. 1 x frozen bananas. 1 x pack of acai puree. 2/3 x cup of apple juice. 6-8 x cubes of ice. Toppings: ½ x sliced banana. 5-6 x large strawberries, sliced. 1 x mango cheek, diced. ¼ x cup coconut flakes. 1 x tablespoons of chia seeds. 1 x tablespoon vanilla coconut yoghurt.


1. Place frozen mixed berries, frozen banana, acai puree, apple juice and ice in a blender. Mix on high for 60 seconds, or until all ingredients are blended. 2. Pour acai mixture in a bowl. Line the middle of the mixture with chia seeds. 3. Decorate the top by placing strawberries, banana and mango to one side of the bowl. 4. Sprinkle decorated half with coconut flakes and dollop coconut yoghurt to serve.

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