• Bianca Maree

Lentil, Mushroom & Pea Pie

Serves 8


2 x large sweet potatoes, peeled then chopped (to make mashed potato).

4 x large white potatoes, peeled then chopped (to make mashed potato).

400g x can of green lentils, drained then rinsed.

200g x button mushrooms, sliced.

1 x cup frozen peas.

1 x cup diced carrots.

1 x cup onion, diced.

1 x cup vegetable stock.

1/2 x cup plain flour.

1/2 x cup milk

1 x tablespoon butter.

1 tablespoon olive oil.

2 x teaspoons garlic.

Green steamed vegetables to serve.


1. Bring potatoes to the boil in a large saucepan. To get the potato extra 'fluffy', recommend slow boiling for 45 minutes, or until very soft. While potatoes are boiling, cook pie filling.

2. To cook the pie filling: Add oil to frypan. Simmer onions and garlic until lightly brown, then add mushrooms. Allow mushrooms to cook for several minutes before slowly combining flour and stock to create a gravy type texture. 3. Combine lentils, chopped carrots and peas to mixture and allow to simmer for 10 minutes. Add any additional herbs or spices you would like. Transfer lentil and mushroom mix to a round baking dish.

4. Drain then mash potato mixture by combining milk and butter. Ensure to get this as soft as possible by removing any clumps. Spread this evenly over the lentil and mushroom mixture. Ideally you want to create a thick potato layer at the top.

5. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees and allow to bake for 45 minutes. Allow the pie to cool for 20-25 minutes before serving to help with setting.

Serve with a side of green steamed vegetables.

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